Hi, welcome to Eddi's home page.

What about me… Well, I'm an Italian boy, and as a lot of Italian people, my english is very bad :-(

I studied Electronics and Telecommunications in a public High School. (At this moment, Italian public Schools are better then private ones, but unfortunately, “Onorevole Silvio Berlusconi and his staff” are going to change the actual situation soon.)

Maybe, is better you write in Italian… Uhm, I think too :-P. But Have you ever seen you have ever seen a Spanish, Russian, or other languages web site? They are unreadable!!! And sometime, babelfish or other translator can help readers. I hope by writing in my orrible English, I can help Internet community.

But forget my english, and browse this web site!!!

Good surfing…. :-)

2011/08/26 07:46

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