OSCommerce Payment Modules

OSCommerce Payment Modules 0.1b

OSCommerce is a software suite written in php, released under GPL and available at http://www.oscommerce.com/

For this suite I've developed 2 different payment modules.
This payment modules support:
Consorzio Triveneto Payment Gateway
SSB TELEpay Light Payment Gateway


Ctriv module:
Php4 with curl module compiled as static or dynamic module


Simply decompress the files by keeping directory structure.
After that, go into the admin panel and customize settings.
For Consorzio Triveneto, you have to manually edit ctriv.php and ctriv_receipt.php by changing the correct URL!!!!!
Remember to comment out “dl('curl.so');” in ctriv.php if you have compiled it static.

Known bugs and todo

SSB TELEpay Light Payment Gateway module don't support MAC yet.

I don't assume any responsability for any damage and/or money loss.


2011/08/26 07:46

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