Installing Asterisk onn WRT54G

Needed hardware

  • WRT54G
  • SD memory with at least 32mb

Known limitation

WRT54G have a small cpu, so realtime conversion may don't work.

If you want Chanspy feature, keep out from using WRT54G


  • To overcome cpu limitation, you have to use only passthru mode.
  • If you want voicemail, you have to convert sounds from gsm to -your codec-

Needed software and files

If you want to build source yourself, you need:

If you want binary and all ready:


$ ipkg -d mmc install asterisk asterisk-sounds asterisk-voicemail wl \
              ntpclient kmod-ext2 e2fsprogs libncurses libpthread ssmtp

Needed knowledges

A lot of experience if you want to build modules by yourself

Other workaround

Perhaps you may need qos: This include an hack to overcame mini_fo bug

$ ipkg -d install qos-scripts
$ mv /etc/l7-protocols /mmc/etc
$ ln -s /mmc/etc/l7-protocols /etc

Fix reboot bug:

$ URL=http://downloads.openwrt.org/people/nbd/whiterussian/packages/kmod-ipt-filter_2.4.30-brcm-4_mipsel.ipk
$ ipkg -d mmc install $URL

Try sending sms to aladino

helloworld ( downloads)

helloworld.sh ( downloads)

g729 codec - Closed license!!!!

Digium g729 codec patch (17 downloads)

Digium g729 codec patch (50 downloads)

opal-g729-3.tar.gz (18 downloads)

openh323-g729-2.tar.gz (20 downloads)

playwav source code (15 downloads)

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