Emum 0.9

Easy Mysql User Manager v 0.9

Emum is a free web interface to Mysql.
It's vert useful to create new db, erase db, etc.
With few click it create a user name, a database and it generates a random password.
The password will be the same for all the databases associated to the same user.
It isn't possible to force and/or read the password. You can only regenerate it.


Not available yet :-)

Required software

Http server
Php 4.0 or newer
Mysql 3.2.3 or newer
Mozilla, IE 4.0 or newer

This web interface is tested under using Apache web server under Linux.
I suppose this works under other platform and OSes too!
I released this interface under GPL license, it's free, but remember, use this at your risk!


I suppose you have already configured both the Httpd and Mysql.
Simply copy all the files in a directory in you web site, if necessary edit config.php.
You don't need other configuration, only login with you root db account password.


I think is too simple to explain :)

To do

A decent error trapping;
Size of each db;
Creation date;
Boh, at the moment it's all, I don't need another phpMyAdmin :P


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2011/08/26 07:46

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